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In today’s society we are often defined by our occupation.  When you say to someone you are Property Manager, do they really comprehend the meaning of your profession? The truth is Property Management has evolved into a multifaceted and dynamic vocation.  Most careers are static. They focus on one segment, i.e. a lawyer focuses on law. You are drastically different.  Your primary objective is to “preserve and enhance the value of the property”.  In order to achieve this goal you are like the mayor of a small metropolis.  In your charge are plant engineers, accountants, administrators, maintenance personnel and vendors.  You are a safety director, police chief, fire chief and city engineer.  You are a team leader with a positive mental attitude who creates an atmosphere of confidence and camaraderie.  You are familiar with various systems, procedures, rules and regulations. You retain knowledge of building structures, building equipment, building systems, accounting, finance, law, and human resource procedures.  Your team trusts you to find the information you need to make a resolution or recommendation which will achieve your collective objective – “help preserve and enhance the value of your property”. 

As a Property Manager you are able to branch into many diverse property types or even use your knowledge in other professional pursuits. Your designations and training give you the ability to do many different things. You are able to work in residential, medical, industrial, office, governmental, education or corporate headquarter buildings.   Each segment is unique with its own set of challenges. This ability to do some many tasks in so many different sectors sets you apart from any other profession.

So what do you say when someone asks you about your profession?  Before you answer, why don’t you come to an event where you can see and meet people in a similar vocation and exchange ideas and learn from your peers. Come to a BOMA NJ meeting.

Bringing Our Members Attention to………..Peer networking events. Look for one near you!


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